Let’s get digging!

Every event includes:

  • Variety of vases;  We do our best to provide a variety of planters, glass vases are always in stock.
  • Over 50-100 Low maintenance succulent’s. Every event has a variety of succulents based on what is available, which is mainly hens and chicks. We use to carry tall soft succulents and no longer do.
  • Variety of different colored moss. Our moss is NOT found in craft stores, it's one of a kind!
  • Variety of colored stones
  • Wood fences, mushrooms, and more garden stuff..
  • Tons of mini animals such as lady bugs, bunnies, turtles, ducks, hedgehogs, dinosaurs, and more

Check out our EVENTS tab to find a party near you or contact us for requests.

​What to expect:
Your Party Host will guide you through every step of the way as a group. Our events last 1.5 hours with time to enjoy drinks and food. 

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We are FAMILY oriented!

Kids of all ages are welcome to attend any public event.* We do allow kids/adults to share one garden for one fee. Chances are you won't want to share when you see all the fun stuff but the option is yours.  

**If an event states adults only, then the host location doesn't allow minors**

Why should I do this?
Gardening is a great therapeutic activity to unwind after a busy day, make new friends, bond with friends, learn new gardening tricks and why not have  an excuse to play in the dirt while enjoying a cocktail.

Create a planter for yourself, a gift for a friend or family member in need of cheer, or as a decorative item for your office or home.